Vaka Tautua is a national “by Pacific for Pacific” health and social service provider.

We were established in 2007 by the PIASS and Malologa Trusts and remain a not-for-profit limited liability company registered with the Charities Commission.

We currently hold certification from the DAA Group against Standard NZS 8134:2008 Health and Disability Services, and we hold Level Two Status as a provider for the Ministry of Social Development.

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Older People's Support

​Vaka Tautua offers ethnic specific weekly older peoples programmes, providing a variety of activities, education, health promotion and safety programmes in an environment where older people are respected and valued. Participants frequently come to programmes with family members and/or carers, where they socialise, exercise, participate in arts and crafts and learn to cook healthy meals, assisting them to live healthily and independently.

Programmes encourage a holistic view of health, and have included regular education and monitoring of key health indicators (e.g. blood pressure, diabetes), education in healthy eating (e.g. nutrition), passive exercise, music, dance and traditional arts and crafts. There are currently 8 older peoples groups across the Auckland region being: 
Cook Island, Samoan, Tongan, Niuean, and Tuvaluan.


Aims of service:

​• Empower Pacific older people to maximise their own independence
• Allow them to take ownership of their own decision making, health and well-being
• Achieve a feeling of value within Pacific older people and their fanau
• Engage Pacific older people within their own social networks and communities
• Reduce the risk of social isolation and loss of independence

Older Persons Support Team:

​The Older Persons Support team is comprised of Pacific community leaders who run healthy living/healthy action programmes in the community. The day programme themes are health & well-being, independent living and health promotion, and Vaka Tautua trains the team to deliver services that meet the key health outcomes for Pacific older people.

Criteria for referral:

​• Over 65 years of age
• Live in own home in CMDHB area

Access this service:

Access to this service us available through community referral or through an MOH contracted Needs Assessment Service Centre (NASC).

Regions available:

Counties Manukau DHB 

Cook Islands Group - Mangere Exercise

Download our Older People's Support Welcome Book for more information here

Vaka Tautua's Samoan Older Peoples Group in Mangere - Rheumatic Fever OP Campaign

We run 9 ethnic specific Older People’s Groups and these are proudly funded by Counties Manukau Health District Health Board and Vaka Tautua