Financial Capability Programme Changing Behaviour

Vaka Tautua’s Financial Capability Programme continues to increase peoples’ knowledge on finances and financial management, and inspire them to make changes for a better financial future.

Thirty-six people from Emerge Aotearoa’s Swanson Emergency Housing Services successfully completed the programme last week. All reported that the programme has helped them manage their finances better. One graduate is now in his own home, which he says is due to the programme and what he learnt. The six-week programme covers attitudes to money and saving, budgeting, setting and working towards financial goals.

“I’ve never set any goals before, because I didn’t think I could achieve anything. But after doing workshop four, I gave it a go and I’ve achieved my short-term goal of finding a house, ” said the graduate.

Vaka Tautua Financial Capability Advisor, Neli Alo, believes a key strength of the programme is that everyone can learn something from it and benefit. For some, it is about refining the tools they already have so they are able to start saving. For others, it is about finding that self-belief so they are able to make a positive change in their financial situations and in their daily lives.

“It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of money or a small amount of money. It all depends on the way you manage your money,” said Neli Alo.

Graduates celebrating the completion of the Financial Capability Programme.

Vaka Tautua delivers the Financial Capability programme to Emerge Aotearoa’s emergency housing clients in Swanson, Ranui, Manurewa and Porirua; and Monte Cecilia’s emergency housing clients in Mangere. The programme is also delivered to Pacific peoples with disabilities and their families in the Auckland region as part of the Pasifika Futures Whanau Ora programme.

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