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Tupou tackles another big issue for Pacific community


Friday 13 December 2015

News item | Vaka Tautua



Disability Information and Advisory Services Co-ordinator and Team Leader, Kaiongo Tupou, has a particular way with advocating for his Pacific community. He listens, he plans and he gets the job done!


Based in Christchurch, Kaiongo spends his working days assisting people with disabilities who need help accessing particular services or who need the odd job done round the house.


“One of my clients is 55 years old, she’s diabetic and has multiple diagnoses. She requested for house insulation and beds."


With a relatively large contacts base, Kaiongo made a few phone calls and within no time, people came and offered their assistance.


“ Whilst the insulation is still in progress she received two free beds (from the Salvation Army) after her assessment was successful and approved.”


“My clients situation was referred to the Hornby Salvation Army Store for further assessment in order to qualify for on-going support.”


Another one of Kaiongo’s clients who was hospitalised in January 2012 was discharged without follow up on her care or specific needs. Kaiongo visited the family in October 2013 which is when the process began in transforming his clients home so that it is disability friendly and more accessible for her.


“The family requested on my clients behalf for a shower chair, a ramp, a wheelchair, bars to the bathroom, toilet and the main entrance of the house.”


“I made referrals to Life Links and the Stroke Foundation for an assessment of my client.”


“A short time later Enable NZ installed the ramp and Occupational Therapy provided my client with the shower chair and wheelchair.”


Thereafter, Kaiongo’s client was eligible for taxi vouchers through the Stroke Foundation Scheme. She was also assigned to a Stroke Community Advisor for further care and for her case to be looked after by them.


A busy day in the office but for Kaiongo, whilst the work is never-ending he does gain great satisfaction from helping others!