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We were established in 2007 by the PIASS and Malologa Trusts and remain a not-for-profit limited liability company registered with the Charities Commission.

We currently hold certification from the DAA Group against Standard NZS 8134:2008 Health and Disability Services, and we hold Level Two Status as a provider for the Ministry of Social Development.

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Vaka Tautua to provide Financial Literacy


We are excited to begin this new project which will be offered to our Pacific families who care for a relative with a disability.

This project will offer financial literacy training and support to families to:


  • help them cope with the costs of daily living;

  • how to budget,

  • better manage and reduce debt

  • start saving for their future needs

  • deal with the added costs they face as carers

  • improve the well – being of their whole family


We know how tough it is for many families and this project will equip them with the knowledge and skills to improve the way they manage family finances and therefore enable them to better support themselves and the relative they care for.


The programme will also include advice on how to lead healthier lives; what entitlements they are eligible for and how they might improve their income through education, training and up-skilling into better paid work.


This project is supported by the Commission for Financial Capability who are experienced in running similar programs in places like The Warehouse.


We are able to do this new work thanks to money from the government’s Whanau Ora Pacific Innovation fund administered by Pasifika Futures. The project will run in both Auckland and Wellington over the next 2 years and we are currently employing new staff to deliver the programme. Each family will be able to attend eight workshops in their local community where they will receive help and advice from our trained coaches.


In addition the coaches will be available to work with the family in their homes to offer support and advice in designing their budget dealing with their debt and helping them cope with the stresses of managing their money

Please contact us if your family is interested in participating – it will cost you nothing but your time and energy and we know from other similar projects that families make significant positive changes that improve their lives and finances.