Our Purpose

VAka Tautua's Purpose

Vaka Tautua is a national “for Pacific, by Pacific” health and social services provider.

Our purpose is to work with our Pacific families and communities to help them realise their potential and achieve their health and wellbeing goals and aspirations.

We design and deliver services that are innovative, responsive to our Pacific families’ and communities’ needs, evidence-based and culturally relevant. This involves working in partnership with our Pacific families, communities and other service providers.

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Vaka Tautua - a journey of service


journey of service

vaka tautua


vaka tautua

journey of service


Hundreds of years ago, our ancestors voyaged across the Pacific to Aotearoa in their vaka (va’a, waka, boat) in search of new beginnings. A better life. A better future. It was a journey into the ‘unknown’. Guided by the stars. There were no guarantees, but the journey was necessary. 

To successfully navigate the seas, would have required commitment to a shared social good or outcome; a line of command; and a sense of duty, obligation, and selflessness. Arguably, tautua or service to each other, one’s family, the line of command and the shared, collective social good would have been ever-present. 

The physical vaka may have changed over the past 100 years (to planes, cars, buses), and the seas of navigation also (to within New Zealand, government sectors, services), but the narrative for our Pacific peoples remains unchanged. The journey for a better life, a better future continues. And the enduring, ever-present notion of tautua or service is still crucial for ensuring this happens – and our Pacific peoples’ goals and aspirations are realised.

We are Vaka Tautua. We are here to support our Pacific peoples, families, and communities on their journey; and to serve them with integrity, compassion and respect.

Our beginningS

Vaka Tautua, was, in fact, borne out of tautua, and a selfless commitment to a shared, collective social good. In 2007, PIASS Trust (disability services) and Malologa Trust (mental health services) decided our Pacific families and communities would best be served if they joined forces and journeyed and navigated the seas together rather than separately. One vaka. One purpose. One goal. This led to led to the establishment of Vaka Tautua.

We are Vaka Tautua. We are here to support our Pacific families, and communities on their journey; and to serve them with integrity, compassion, and respect.

Vaka Tautua is a national “by Pacific for Pacific” health and social services provider. Established in 2007 by the PIASS and Malologa Trusts, we are a not-for-profit limited liability company registered with the Charities Commission.

We meet industry standards and have quality accreditation. We hold DAA Group Certification against Standard NZS 8134:2008 Health and Disability Services; Ministry of Social Development Social Sector Accreditation Standards Level 2, and Accreditation as a Living Wage employer.

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